Early Saturday morning, I left the kids with their mom and headed out by myself. I discovered this trail while searching for places to ride. It's only two miles from my house! The trail itself is only about 2 miles, but it's a tough climb. Lots of switch-backs, I lost count of how many there were!

Here is a map of the trail.

This is the elevation profile. As you can see, in just over two miles, there is an elevation gain of over 1100 ft.

Not quite the beginning of the trail, but a sign showing you the right direction.

The climbing begins.

So, this is the actual beginning of the trail. It decends on a rock strewn path.

A better picture of the sign.

I couldn't get a better picture, but the trail leads into a mini forest with a tiny stream.

After climbing and climbing and climbing, you are rewarded with views such as these...

There was one section of this trail that was almost washed out, however, the rest of it is in great shape.

At the top of the trail.

Professional signage. Our tax money at work.