Pedro, Floris and rode the Chilao Trail. This was Pedro's first time mountain biking. I chose this trail after reading reviews on other sites.

This is from my GPS. We started off near the bottom of the map, near HWY 2 in a figure eight pattern.

This is the elevation profile for the trail. As you can see, we started at around 5400 ft. We climbed a total of 2500 ft. and decended a total of 2500 ft.

A few videos.

Floris getting ready for our epic ride.

Pedro is waiting for Floris to get on his bike so we can go!

Pedro riding down the fireroad.

Taking a well deserved break in the shade.

Pedro and Floris riding down the single track, Silver Moccasin Trail.

Off they go.

Pedro modeling his bike.

Floris is ready waiting for us to get going!

Enjoying the ride.

My bike and the mountain.

Floris wants a picture of his bike too.

Is it me or is it getting hot?

Views of the single track.

More scenery.

Pedro and I suffered separate crashes. I ran into a spiteful bush. took some scratches on my arm and belly. Pedro's front wheel got caught in the sand the landed on his arm.

Pedro showing off his battle scars (thankfully, Floris brought a first aid kit).