The Hannah, Joshua and Sarah Pages

We had Thanksgiving at out house. Some people were hard at work. Here is Mina getting the veggies ready.

Some people were taking it easy!

Grandma is tying Hannah's hair.

Hannah received this outfit as a present. Here she is trying it on.

Well, Joshua wanted to try it on as well. Hannah was nice enough to let him don the outfit.

I have been frying our turkey for the past few years. Here is what it looks like before the fry pot.

In the pot!

And the outcome! Yummy!

Can't forget the ham.

Cousin Conner came too!

Time for some grub!

This is what a turkey looks like after we get through with it!

Time to relax after a full tummy.

My kids love looking at the image after each photo. Here they are with Brian.

Cousin Ryan showed up as well.