The Hannah and Joshua Pages

Uncle and Aunt Shin from Korea came to visit for a few days. They first stopped in Arizona to see their son and family. Then, they all drove to southern California. We all got together and had a good time. It was very nice to see everyone. Matthew has grown since the last time we saw them. Max is such a big boy! We haven't seen him since his 100 day party. Tyler and Madelynn are as cute as ever.

Madelynn and Hannah, hiding behind their parents.

We learned that Max is a non-stop eater!

I think he was taste testing the bib!

The adults having a good time!

The kids having a better time!

The kids had a very good time together. I guess it's nice having cousins in the same age range. Hannah and Tyler enjoying themselves.

Some belated birthday gifts were delivered.

Everybody loved the dinosaur.

The family group shot.