The Hannah and Joshua Pages

During the time grandma and grandpa were on vacation, I spent the time at home taking care of Joshua and Hannah. I bought a Kettler Balance bike for the kids. It's supposed to get them used to balancing on two wheels, thus making an easier transition to a real bike. Here at some of the pictures.

The first time I had Joshua try the new bike, he wasn't too sure about it. It did make for a good photo shoot:

A few days later, I was able to get Hannah on the same bike. She enjoyed it more than Joshua.

Here they are, hamming it up!

After a few minutes, Hannah was getting pretty good on the bike.

Joshua is still unsure of the bike. He doesn't like that fact that he needs to balance on it.

Hannah likes to coach Joshua.

Hannah with both feet of the ground!

Joshua still likes the tricycle.

Hannah is tired from all the riding!