The Hannah and Joshua Pages

We have an annual pass to the LA Zoo. Every time we visit, Hannah insists the she ride the animal train. Last time we went, Joshua had a meltdown on the train. We were a bit worry, but our fears were unfounded. Joshua had a great time on the train with big sister Hannah.

We don't visit all the exhibits on every visit. With the annual pass, we just pop in to see just a few animals. Today, it was the lions.

Later at home, Hannah was riding her bicycle around the house. Joshua was chasing her and as Hannah tried to get off, she fell and landed on her arm. She was crying furiously and said that she couldn't move her arm. We took her to the Emergency Room. After getting x-rayed, the ER docs didn't see any break and sent her home with a sling.

Can't forget the "V" sign.