The Hannah and Joshua Pages

Hannah's first birthday party at school.

You have to love the hat. Hannah later told us that this was the happiest she's felt!

The kids start gathering.

Even more kids gather to sing to Hannah.

It's time to eat.

Hannah's classmates begin to dig in.

Getting ready to hand out presents to her classmates.

Later at home, we have a small birthday cake for Hannah.

Hannahs prays after making her wish.

Joshua "prays" his own way.

Present time!

Joshua eyes Hannah's clock.

He really seems to like the clock. It's probably the numbers. He loves numbers and letters.

A few days later, we had a birthday party for Hannah at home. We rented a bouncer for the kids. Unfortunately, it was a very hot day and too warm for the kids to use it. Hannah and Joshua got in a few bounces before the sun started to beat down for the day.

Mommy also promised Hannah ponies...

Mommy's high school friend, Kent and his wife Jane, stopped by with Matthew.